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Six Lessons from Entrepreneurs to Grow Your Business in Stressful Times

Did your start-up turn out as you had expected? The answer to that question, for most people, is “no.” However, do keep in mind that 90% of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the world today will probably provide the same answer. The primary reason is the uncertainty that revolves around running a business. There is

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Four Common Small-business Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The changes Covid-19 brought to the world economy are starting to get clearer a year and a half into the pandemic. Recent studies by the U.S. Small Business Administration show that the number of small businesses in the U.S. alone reached 31.7 million or 99.9% of U.S. businesses. With a higher risk of job loss,

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What Is Due Process of Law?

Due process is a fundamental right. Once this is violated, none of the litigation and procedures taken against a person can ever be validated. Wherever a person is in the world, they are entitled to due process of law. In fact, due process is so important that it is mentioned twice in the Constitution. The

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How Private Equity Firms Can Be Closer to Their Market

Private equity firms are not for public consumption. They mostly want to stay under the radar because they are trying to protect their business operations. Plus, they promised their clients complete privacy and non-intervention from the public and the media. The standard answer of all private equity companies is a “no comment” to anyone asking

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Protect Your NGO from Cyberattacks

When the world first started to use the internet, it had just a few applications, primarily for military purposes and, later, for scientific communication through email. Traditional mail/letters that used to take weeks to arrive at the recipient’s address were replaced by email. Following the introduction of email, the internet and social media entered our

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What Side Jobs in the Community Are Great for College Students?

Strapped for cash as a college student? Don’t worry, everyone has gone through that at some point in our lives. If you’re in college now, unless you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you’re probably looking for a side job to make ends meet or to afford that high-end bar your friends want

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How to Find Your Next Employees

Talent acquisition has changed considerably over the last years. Web-based recruitment software has made recruitment easier, faster, and more convenient – not just for candidates in search of employment opportunities, but also for employers.

No College Required: High Wages with Minimal Education

Sometimes a high school diploma and a little bit of training can be enough to land you a high-paying job. Specific industries offer salaries exceeding $60,000 for technical or skilled blue-collar work. Transportation If you can drive, you’re good to go. Well, not exactly. Truck drivers are

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5 Health Effects of Hazardous Waste Exposure

Everyone should be proactive when it comes to their health, like eating healthy meals and exercising regularly. However, some factors can also affect health, including the environment. Today, waste is one of the growing problems the world is facing. The cities produce about 1.3 million tons of

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