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Bankruptcy 101: Nondischargeable Debts Due to Allegations of Fraud

Filing for any kind of bankruptcy does not guarantee that your debt will be automatically discharged. Some types of debts, which are known as nondischargeable debts, will still remain the debtor’s responsibility. Debts that have resulted from fraud are a type of nondischargeable debt. But for debts to be considered nondischargeable, the debt’s creditor should

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Methods of Transferring Property to Your Family Members

Property ownership is one of the critical aspects of self-actualisation for most people. As such, the real estate market marks one of the most lucrative investment alternatives for most people. You will be investing in property to guarantee the financial security of your loved ones. At some point, you will pass the property to your

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Financial Advisor

Situations Where a Financial Advisor May be Necessary

Reliable and trustworthy financial planners are available out there if you are looking for one.  Financial planners can make a lot of sense for a business in some situations. An independent personal financial advisor in Perth and other locations can help you reach your financial goals sooner and save you a lot of money. Here are a

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Educational Resources

How to Get the Best Skilled Trade Apprenticeship for You

You’re a fresh graduate from a trade school. Now what? An apprenticeship is a vital part of your skilled trade career. In this period, you will get to gain additional knowledge and technical skills that will help you land a good job in the future. If you want to be an apprentice in the U.S. where

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Adopting an Integrated Communications Approach for Small Businesses

The internet has advanced so much that it has gone beyond communications and has become the purveyor of software, tools, games, and media. It has supplanted a host of other communications media. Communications Convergence The internet has surpassed or replaced plenty of technologies. It has replaced libraries as repositories of books. It has become the

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Determining Who Gets Child Custody

Nobody wants to go through a divorce. The experience is stressful and traumatizing, especially to children. However, it’s inevitable. You need to establish a child custody arrangement to reduce the impact of seeing their parents part ways. In Kent, as is with the rest in the state of Washington, you and your ex-spouse are allowed

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No College Required: High Wages with Minimal Education

Sometimes a high school diploma and a little bit of training can be enough to land you a high-paying job. Specific industries offer salaries exceeding $60,000 for technical or skilled blue-collar work. Transportation If you can drive, you’re good to go. Well, not exactly. Truck drivers are

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5 Health Effects of Hazardous Waste Exposure

Everyone should be proactive when it comes to their health, like eating healthy meals and exercising regularly. However, some factors can also affect health, including the environment. Today, waste is one of the growing problems the world is facing. The cities produce about 1.3 million tons of

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