Community Building

Community Building

Financial Literacy Can Build Your Community

Planning programs to help communities is only half of the problem solved by governments. The other half is finding the funds to pay for those projects. One of the ways to help is by encouraging everyone to attain financial literacy; for themselves, for their families, and for their community. People having a fiscally sound plan

purchasing a home
Community Building

How the Government Can Help You Purchase a Home

Homes are expensive, and they are getting more expensive every year. Currently, the median price of homes is around $347,000. If you consider mortgage rates, the possible increase from auction, and the maintenance, the home you purchase today, can easily cost you $500,000 in the future. That’s a price that many Americans can’t pay in

millennial employees
Community Building

Adjusting to Millennials in the Workplace

During this COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of individuals have lost their jobs due to companies laying off employees to save their business finances. Due to this situation, many unemployed individuals have been looking for new opportunities in other sectors. Everyone is adjusting to the current work situation and for new hires, this may be a

self care woman
Community Building

First Responders’ Guide to Self-care

Many people can’t imagine having the job of a first or an emergency responder. Whenever there are traumatic and stressful events that may or may not be causing harm to people, they would be the first person there to face the threats and combat them. If there’s a fire, the fire department would be there

people in a protest
Community Building

Non-Profit Sustainability: Four Capacities to Strengthen in COVID-19 Times

Come to think of it, it’s a conundrum of sorts. In the history of America, never has there been a time when people need non-profits the most. All the more now that the number of Americans who have succumbed to the virus has surpassed the 500,000 mark last February 22. It’s definitely a grim milestone

bedroom interior
Community Building

What You Should Look for When Booking an Airbnb

Booking an Airbnb sounds like a simple thing to do, especially when you do it on a website that’s tailored to make things as convenient as possible. The experience goes just like booking a hotel, but Airbnb gives looking for a place and booking one a bit more personal. Guests and hosts get to converse with

Community Building

Serving Never Goes Out of Style: The Importance and Benefits of Volunteering

It’s almost been a year since COVID-19 started wreaking havoc in our lives. We’ve been through one of the toughest times in recent history. We’re living in unprecedented times when uncertainty is the only certainty we have. Dealing with the pandemic has been quite overwhelming to a lot of people. And while we continue to

monopoly tile go to jail
Community Building

Education for Former Convicts: How Can It Help?

Have you seen movies like Ocean’s series and the Tower Heist? The thieves were very educated and smart, right? But, it’s exactly the opposite when it comes to real-life. Usually, people who commit crimes in the real world are not that smart or educated. You can even consider that low education is one of the

RV park
Community Building

Building An RV Park From Scratch: A Community Worth Building

Many people nowadays see an RV or travel trailer for sale and then suddenly feel a desire to live on the road. The nomadic lifestyle is an interesting one and is gaining a lot of ground. With people moving around constantly in their mobile homes, many people are finding ways to provide service, products and even possible

woman pointing at whiteboard
Community Building

Development Work: How Does It Become for You?

Many people’s perception of development work is based on what they know about the United Nations’ different organizations and international non-profit organizations. These jobs sometimes look glamorous, have intellectual meetings with governments, and present strategies to solve the world’s problems. However, that is just a superficial level. Lobbying for policies and implementation of treaties is

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