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Protect Your NGO from Cyberattacks

When the world first started to use the internet, it had just a few applications, primarily for military purposes and, later, for scientific communication through email. Traditional mail/letters that used to take weeks to arrive at the recipient’s address were replaced by email. Following the introduction of email, the internet and social media entered our

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Four Ways to Use Technology in Community Building

Technology can spur economic and societal change. It can be the catalyst to a truly developed community.  This is why experts have been calling on local executives to use technology in building their communities. It will also open opportunities for the citizens and improve the social services available in the municipalities. The role of technology

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Tips for Becoming a Government Contractor

The pandemic may have forced many businesses to close when it started, but it also encouraged a lot of people to start their own ventures after seeing opportunities in the middle of the crisis. Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau showed people applied for licenses for over 1.5 million new businesses from August to October. Many

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Crisis Communication: Strategies to Consider amid the Pandemic

Throughout much of our lives, we interact with others through communication. Whether it’s texting someone on the phone, speaking to someone face-to-face, or teaching someone in the classroom, communication is integral in processing new information and helping hone our skills. While communication can have various advantages to us as individuals, it’s also known for having

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The Negative Impact of the Digital Age on Families

Digitalization has reached every nook and corner of the globe and connects people in ways that no one could have predicted. It has made life simpler for everyone in many ways, including assistance with school assignments, life hacks, virtual meet-ups between individuals from different continents, etc. But, just as every coin has two sides, so

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Business Email Security: How to Improve It

Emails are among the most crucial parts of your company’s communications, which is why protecting them from cyber-attacks. Trust is, most of these threats are unavoidable given the digital or cloud-based networks used by many businesses today. To avoid giving up sensitive information or ruining your company’s reputation in the market, it’s best to set

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Crafting a Website That Can Enhance Your Brand Reputation

A business having a website is now one of the factors that help customers decide whether a brand offers legitimate service. It is also a way for people to check out a brand’s products without leaving the house. Having a website is a way for shop owners to continue their business even beyond regular store

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Erasing Pandemic Debt: Getting Out of a Hole You’ve Dug

The US is currently facing a different time because of the pandemic. It’s not so good to start a business right now because businesses should be closed instead. This pandemic has already taken its toll on employees and businesses as they’re trying to stay afloat. If it’s not enough that the situation right now is

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The Four Keys to Financial Literacy

When it comes to investments, all you really need is capital. With enough money, you can buy your fair share of stocks, bonds, and properties. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a return on investment. This is why it’s important that you have some prior knowledge before you ever spend a cent. The great

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