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4 Ways Work-from-home Employees Can Reach Zen

As of April 2020, about 50% of America’s workforce is now based at home, according to a Harris poll. While the results shared most are happy with the arrangement, some struggle with it. Several miss their colleagues and socializing, while others need to learn to balance their time and attention. A number cannot concentrate since

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Online Shopping and E-commerce Sees Growth amidst the Pandemic

Quarantines and lockdowns have put the world on a standstill, but there is one area where people remain active: the Internet. The web has made it possible for much of the world to function. Companies, governments, schools, and all other organizations have used it to remain functional, and many now see the value not only

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This Is How You Can Boost Your Career Prospects with Gaming

A decade or two ago, most parents worried about the possible effects of video games on their kids. Today, those kids have grown up and might already be raising the next generation. Everything seems to be just fine. Gaming is now a widely accepted mainstream activity. Technology might have helped gaming become as ubiquitous as

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How Attorneys Resolve Conflicts between Fighting Parents

The 1979 movie, Kramer vs. Kramer, is one of the best films of the ’70’s era. Its story revolves around the married couple Ted Kramer (played by award-winning actor Dustin Hoffman) and Joanna Kramer (acted brilliantly by Hollywood icon Meryl Streep).  One day, Joanna told Ted that she was leaving, after being a dissatisfied housewife for

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For Entrepreneurs: Wealth Management Strategies Worth Prioritizing

There are different tactics when building your wealth. Some chose to invest in the stock market while others take advantage of investment properties. But for many, starting and running a business is the go-to strategy. If you are a newbie entrepreneur, one way to keep both personal and business finances in tip-top shape is through

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Issues You Should Expect When Setting Up an Online Shop

There is a vast online world full of shoppers and potential customers, so it’s no wonder that so many entrepreneurs are looking to set up shop on the Internet. While it opens you up to a bigger audience and a convenient space, it does not come without its perils. Make sure you know about these

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Laptop or Desktop: Which Gaming Platform Should You Choose?

One of the things beginner gamers are asking themselves is this: should I get a desktop or a laptop for gaming? We have taken the liberty of doing a side-by-side of a gaming computer laptop versus a desktop machine. Raw Performance If there’s one major thing to consider in choosing which platform to pick, it’s the computer’s

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Working During the Pandemic: How to Keep Your Newly-Remote Team Motivated

Due to the global pandemic, many companies have opted to send their employees to the safety of their own homes. It was a move to protect people from catching the highly contagious and deadly COVID-19. However, for those who are more used to the traditional office setup, working remotely may be a challenge. The sudden shift

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The Real Reason Behind Vehicle Emergency Lights Being Red and Blue

You’re cruising casually on the highway, then suddenly, an ambulance zips through the fast lane and speeds past you, flashing its emergency light and blasting its siren. Without hearing the details, you already know there’s an emergency because of the glaring red and blue that shine brightly even from meters away. Have you ever wondered

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6 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Good Money as a Skilled Artist Online

Much has been said about the arts not being a lucrative discipline. But the sentiment comments more about art’s accessibility than its relevance. That’s why artists can barely say the same in this age of technology, where everything is more connected than ever. If you likewise consider yourself an artist but have been struggling to

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