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The Four Keys to Financial Literacy

When it comes to investments, all you really need is capital. With enough money, you can buy your fair share of stocks, bonds, and properties. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a return on investment. This is why it’s important that you have some prior knowledge before you ever spend a cent. The great

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Opportunities and Growth: How the Pandemic Affected Human Resources

In the pre-pandemic world, when someone mentions their ‘workplace,’ the first thing that comes to mind are buildings, corporate attires, and office spaces. Fast forward to where we are now, change all that to work-from-home setups, loose shirts, pajamas, living rooms, and whatnot. The current situation has resulted in many of us adapting a work

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Staying Nimble And Relevant In Your Tech Career

The tech world is a highly competitive career path to pursue but also a very rewarding one in the long term, and as consistent research and development drive tech more forward into the center of our lives, the tech industry as a whole is guaranteed to stay. As a result, we see more and more

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The Ideal Home Size For a Family With a Work-from-Home Parent and Homeschooled Kids

Before the pandemic, an average single-family home had about three bedrooms, at least two bathrooms, and an open floor plan in the living spaces. In a middle-class neighborhood, that house had a median price of roughly $340,000. Regarding its size, it’s more or less 2,422 square feet (225.01 m²), which is the median house size

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Self-Care Rules: Tips to Pamper Yourself While Working from Home

Self-care is as important as productivity when working from home. You may be working hard to achieve a quota or a desired income, but have you asked yourself if you are also investing in taking care of yourself? When working from home, it is easy to slip into bad habits that can damage your health.

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Local Business Guide: How to Streamline Your Business Operation

No matter how big or small your local business is, running it can be difficult, especially during its growth phase. While other entrepreneurs readily made use of technology within their business model, a lot of business owners are still clueless in implementing and integrating IT systems into their organization.   According to an article by

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Technology and the Pandemic: Improving Access to Healthcare

Importance of Healthcare Healthcare is an essential component of society, and all people need access to it at some point in their lives. Access to healthcare will give people opportunities to improve their health outcomes and monitor health trends. Healthcare also paves the way towards the proper maintenance of people’s health and improving medical services

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Alternative Opportunities for Full-time Engineers

It’s normal to find people juggling multiple jobs simultaneously. Not only is having an extra income practical to cope with the high cost of living today, but it’s also an avenue for adults to explore opportunities for their other skills. It gives them a chance to be flexible because they aren’t stuck in one field.

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Seven Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Private

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives. They have replaced our alarm clocks, calendars, cameras, and even desktop and laptops to an extent. As mobile phone technology becomes more advanced and affordable, the number of smartphone users is also increasing. According to a report, there are currently more than three billion smartphone users.

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How Is the Real World Made Possible in Cyberspace?

What is one thing no can ever take away from you? Education. It is what we may say the unveiling of the truth, obtaining general knowledge, the development of reason, judgment, and many more. We all know the impact of having a proper education. May it be on confidence, stability in life, deeper knowledge, or

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