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Automation: Why it’s Crucial for Your HR Department

Automation was once seen in a negative light because people thought it would replace human workers. There’s even a website that measures how likely it is for a job to be taken over by a robot. However, that panic has subsided a bit because experts, like the ones from public policy organization Brookings, found that

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The Long Term Effects of Divorce on Young Adults’ Relationships

People who grew up in divorced families may suffer from emotional and psychological trauma. Most of the time, the reparations of these are carried until adulthood. As adults, they continuously have to face anxieties and doubts when getting into romantic relationships. Trust Issues Children of divorce develop trust issues in relationships because of the internalized

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Driving Safely in King County: Five Ways to Help Make Our Roads a Better Place

Over the years, we’ve seen many campaigns launched across the state of Washington, and on the national level as well, to raise awareness of risk factors while driving, and improve driver safety. Yet recent data continues to show that driving practices here in King County need to be improved. Data for 2019 from the Washington

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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney ASAP

A personal injury is not limited to a physical wound. Many people have the misconception that cases of personal injury are solely accidents, intentional attacks, and medical malpractices. Personal injury includes assault on the mind and emotions, as the law covers cases of defamation—a written or oral statement causing harm to one’s reputation. As a

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Why Core Competencies Matter Even for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you may have heard of core competencies but only in the context of industry leaders or major corporations. It can be easy to think that this concept doesn’t apply to your company at this stage, but here’s how you could be focusing on your company’s core competencies as early as

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Services Your Company Should Outsource

Businesses can either tap the service of another existing institution, or they can create it. For instance, instead of availing the services of an insurance company, they’ll put the company into its single-parent captive. It means, businesses can insure themselves by creating and controlling their own insurance company. The arrangement might sound like the starting

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Understanding the Basics of Satellite Internet

Having high-speed Internet access in the middle of nowhere seems too good to be true, but it is very much possible through satellite Internet. You want portable online access that you can take with you on a long trip across the country through remote, rural areas. You want something readily available in case of a

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Film Financing: What It Takes to Make a Film

The Importance of Film   Films are important to every culture. They reflect elements of real life and also discuss certain topics that many might be afraid to speak of.    At the core of it, film is entertainment. Many view the medium as a form of escapism. Film as a medium is of great

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Pointers for Outsourcing Your Operations

You’re the IT Business partner for one of the largest multinational insurance companies in the world. Your responsibility is to interface with business units and advise them on current and emerging technologies as possible solutions for, among others, product development, managing risk, and service management. The heads of some business units are wondering why some

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Why Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing Can Make A Business More Efficient

Back in 2015, the concept of remote content-sharing among employees made organizations uneasy. ESG analysts Terri McClure and Leah Matuson have expressed their opinions on why file-sharing outside work premises can make companies face chances of losing control over their critical and sensitive data. But just two and a half years later, more organizations have become more

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