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Educational Resources

How Private Equity Firms Can Be Closer to Their Market

Private equity firms are not for public consumption. They mostly want to stay under the radar because they are trying to protect their business operations. Plus, they promised their clients complete privacy and non-intervention from the public and the media. The standard answer of all private equity companies is a “no comment” to anyone asking

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Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Life

In any community, some people need help in one form or another. Fortunately, many community programs assist people in improving their lives. However, as individuals, we still hold control over our lives and can put in the work to make them better. Below are some examples of actions you can take right now to improve

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Vital Steps Toward Personal Growth and Career Development

For many decades, Singapore has enjoyed a tight labor market that allows its people to command higher wages than its counterparts in the Southeast Asian region. This situation makes it also more attractive to high-income-generating businesses that want to tap into the stability of the city-state’s economy and its generous pool of talented and intelligent

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Guide for Parents: Supporting an Introverted Child’s Education and Development

Most people assume that introverted kids are just shy types. This is often the case when parents notice that their kids do not socialize with other kids like others. Introverted children prefer to do activities on their own and just spend time alone instead of looking for a companion. Experts claim that introverts generally engage

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Challenges Every Owner-operator Is Facing Nowadays

Running an owner-operator business is not as easy as a walk to the park. There’s the fact that you are investing your hard-earned cash without knowing if your hard work will ever pay off. There are many regulations you ought to comply with, along with the many costs of running the business. Your competitors are

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Got Tired Tires? Here’s How It Might Have Happened

Like anything that you own, car tires wear out, too. You see your car every day, so you might not even notice the wear and tear on them. They might be fine now, but sometimes you never know until you bust a tire. Here are some ways to prevent that from happening. Your Tires’ Age

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Crisis Management Strategies for Businesses and Organizations

Businesses, organizations, and communities will usually have their fair share of problems. Although, some of these everyday problems can come in customer complaints, inventory issues, and mistakes being made by employees. Naturally, many of these problems are relatively minor and won’t amount to anything since this can be easily remedied through solutions that the organization

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Encouraging Lifelong Learning among Your Employees

As the founder of the JCPenney stores, James Cash Penney, aptly put it, “Growth is not by mere chance but a by-product of forces coming together.” More and more companies these days realize the value of promoting lifelong learning principles to their employees. In fact, over 87 percent of employees in the country agree that

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Doing Your Part for the Environment: Making Three Changes to Your Business

In 2021, more consumers are becoming self-aware about the impact of their individual actions on the environment. It’s also very timely considering that the threats of climate change are felt through the numerous natural disasters happening all over the world, all while in the midst of a global pandemic. Now more than ever, people should

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Survive the Industry: Tips for New Business Owners

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a staggering 45% of new businesses fail within five years. There are many reasons for this including bad timing, the wrong product, unfit management, or a combination of all three. If your company is meant to fail, don’t let it be due to something you can control. Instead, take care

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