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What Makes a Paralegal So Important

No matter where you go in the world, there will always be a demand for lawyers and legal services. Such is the reach of the law that almost every aspect of life — from businesses to family matters — can be placed under legal jurisdiction. Hence, it is no surprise that lawyers have a steady

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The Deadliest Road Violations in Utah

Road accidents happen due to unforeseen circumstances, but more often than not, they’re a result of someone’s blunder. There are plenty of laws, regulations, policies, codes and written and unwritten rules to prevent road accidents, and violating any of these can be deadly. According to the Utah Driver Handbook, these are the leading causes of

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Elements of Desertion as a Basis for Divorce

In marriage, you and your spouse make a conscious decision to spend your lives together. In some instances, however, this is not the reality in your union. Desertion or abandonment is now one of the most common grounds for divorce. In most states, this is among the grounds of fault-based divorce. Some people confuse desertion

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Methods of Transferring Property to Your Family Members

Property ownership is one of the critical aspects of self-actualisation for most people. As such, the real estate market marks one of the most lucrative investment alternatives for most people. You will be investing in property to guarantee the financial security of your loved ones. At some point, you will pass the property to your

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Bankruptcy 101: Nondischargeable Debts Due to Allegations of Fraud

Filing for any kind of bankruptcy does not guarantee that your debt will be automatically discharged. Some types of debts, which are known as nondischargeable debts, will still remain the debtor’s responsibility. Debts that have resulted from fraud are a type of nondischargeable debt. But for debts to be considered nondischargeable, the debt’s creditor should

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Determining Who Gets Child Custody

Nobody wants to go through a divorce. The experience is stressful and traumatizing, especially to children. However, it’s inevitable. You need to establish a child custody arrangement to reduce the impact of seeing their parents part ways. In Kent, as is with the rest in the state of Washington, you and your ex-spouse are allowed

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Grow Your Wealth With a Little Help From the Government

Capital gains are one of the most gratifying features of investing in the commercial real estate sector. Well, that’s before the government swoops in for their cut, which can be anywhere up to 40% of the gain. Failing to remit such taxes can get you into deep legal trouble and cost you a lot of money. Unless

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Understanding the Culture in a Law Firm

In all professions, a healthy workplace environment is essential to an office’s increase in productivity. One of the key factors that make a good workplace is the employees’ interpersonal relationships. Also, the nature of how these people find themselves relating to the firm as an institution is important. These interrelationships define the culture in the organization. Now,

Own Recognizance Release
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Get Out of Jail for Free: The Own Recognizance Release

Getting out jail after being arrested is typically a top priority. Generally speaking, to release yourself from police custody, considering that your charge is a minor offense, you might be able to post bail and pay the court yourself or go to a bail bondsman in Rowan County. But what if you can’t come up

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How Divorce Will Affect Your Insurance Plans

Any significant change in your life will affect your finances. This is especially true if you get divorced. Your various insurance policies might appear frivolous at a time like this. However, planning for them as soon as you can will help you avoid financial issues later on. Here’s what you need to know. Your Life

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