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Determining Who Gets Child Custody

Nobody wants to go through a divorce. The experience is stressful and traumatizing, especially to children. However, it’s inevitable. You need to establish a child custody arrangement to reduce the impact of seeing their parents part ways. In Kent, as is with the rest in the state of Washington, you and your ex-spouse are allowed

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Grow Your Wealth With a Little Help From the Government

Capital gains are one of the most gratifying features of investing in the commercial real estate sector. Well, that’s before the government swoops in for their cut, which can be anywhere up to 40% of the gain. Failing to remit such taxes can get you into deep legal trouble and cost you a lot of money. Unless

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Understanding the Culture in a Law Firm

In all professions, a healthy workplace environment is essential to an office’s increase in productivity. One of the key factors that make a good workplace is the employees’ interpersonal relationships. Also, the nature of how these people find themselves relating to the firm as an institution is important. These interrelationships define the culture in the organization. Now,

Own Recognizance Release
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Get Out of Jail for Free: The Own Recognizance Release

Getting out jail after being arrested is typically a top priority. Generally speaking, to release yourself from police custody, considering that your charge is a minor offense, you might be able to post bail and pay the court yourself or go to a bail bondsman in Rowan County. But what if you can’t come up

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How Divorce Will Affect Your Insurance Plans

Any significant change in your life will affect your finances. This is especially true if you get divorced. Your various insurance policies might appear frivolous at a time like this. However, planning for them as soon as you can will help you avoid financial issues later on. Here’s what you need to know. Your Life

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How to Safeguard Your Life from Construction Accidents

Any kind of employee can be hurt in a workplace accident. Above all, those individuals who are involved in a construction project are prone to accidents and injuries. On a side note, the construction site is a fast-paced environment. Errors may happen at any time, without you expecting. That said, an experienced construction accident lawyer can always assist

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Investing in Yourself Does Not Need to Cost Money

When you think of investing, you probably think you need to start from a place of wealth. Even if you’re not a millionaire, you at least want to have some money saved in your account before you splurge, right? Actually, this is the exact opposite of how you should be looking at investing in yourself.

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Your Short Guide to Making Sure Your Business is a Compliant One

When you run a business, you know too well that there are lots of things involved. You need to look at how you can make the operations much better and more efficient. You will need to train your people and equip them with the right skills, which will help in improving customer service. On top

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